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Loadblock plus Load Cell

Dillon/Quality Plus, Inc. is proud to represent the Loadblock plus: a low capacity, self-indicating compression load cell, offered in Capacities from 550 lb up to 11,000 lbs. This versatile load cell is used in many testing and load monitoring applications all over the world.

Widely employed in measuring loads associated with the testing of hydraulic presses, cylinders or jacks, the Landblock plus industrial load cell’s integral display eliminates the need for a separate display or cable assembly.

Advanced microprocessor based electronics provide the Loadblock plus with high speed read rates (500/sec), extreme resistance to industrial level noise, and unprecedented stability.

For more information about this low capacity, self-indicating compression load cell Contact the experts at Dillon/Quality Plus, the pioneers in force and compression measurement.

Straightpoint loadblock plus load cell

For the best advice on which Dillon precision measurement device is right for your application Contact Dillon/Quality Plus, Inc. today . We guarantee you’ll work directly with the Dillon Family team of force management experts.