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The Dillon product line represents over 84 years of design and manufacture of testing of

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The strength and versatility of our load testing and force gauge instruments has repeatedly been demonstrated on construction sites, in testing laboratories, in manufacturing facilities, at mining and oil drilling sites, warehouses, in batching operations, and cable installations.

Dillon/Quality Plus, still family owned and operated, offers the following:

Each member of the Dillon family takes great pride in the longevity of our testing and force gauge products’ line and the history we have with all our Customers . Whether it’s sales or service of any Dillon force measurement device or torque testing device, the Dillon name is synonymous with quality.

Being efficient is the key to success in any business; having the right tools ensures that whatever job you do, it is done correctly. The Dillon Family knows the Dillon product line like no one else and are standing by to answer any questions about the best tool for your particular application. Why guess when you can speak to the force testing and force or torque measurement device originators?

For the best advice on which Dillon precision measurement device is right for your application contact Dillon/Quality Plus, Inc. today. We guarantee you’ll work with the directly with the Dillon Family team of force management experts.