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Dillon/Quality Plus: Over 80 Years of Quality Force Measurement Devices
and Torque Measurement Tools

The Dillon product line represents over 84 years of design and manufacture of force measurement equipment.

The strength and versatility of our load testing and force gauge instrumentation has repeatedly been demonstrated on construction sites, in testing laboratories, manufacturing facilities, mining and oil drilling sites, warehouses, batching operations, and cable installations.

Dillon/Quality Plus, still family owned and operated, offers the following:

Dillon Dynamometers

Dillon Mechanical Dynamometers

Dillon Model "AP" Dynamometers provide tension measurement up to 50,000 lbs. Available in 5” & 10” diameter dials. More

Dillon leads the world with this dynamometer, which has a hardy design, top of the line components, and premium coatings–allowing it to thrive for years in severe environments and work with a variety of applications. Less

Mechanical Crane Scales

Dillon Mechanical Crane Scales

Dillon crane scales were designed and constructed to allow for maximum life with an easy to use operation that includes tare function and maximum peak load indication. More

Our mechanical crane scales have capacities ranging from 2,500 lbs up to 50,000 lbs. Less

Wireless Load Shackles

Wireless Load Shackles

With capacities up to 400T (800,000 lbs) these Wireless Loadshackles offer a perfect solution to limited headroom applications. More

Each Wireless Loadshackle is equipped with a hard anodized aluminum electronics enclosure and data is transmitted wirelessly to a wireless handheld controller or wireless Windows PC data logging software package. Less

Dillon digital dynamometers

Torque Measurement Tools:
Dillon Digital Dynamometers

Dillon Digital Dynamometers provide tension measurement up to 550,000 lb (250,000 kg) and come with wired or wireless Remote Communicator. More

As the pioneer of tools for tension and force measurement, Dillon developed the EDxtreme digital dynamometer for high capacity jobs needing greater accuracy and the EDjunior digital force dynamometer to meet the demands of low capacity jobs. Less

Bluetooth dynamometer

Bluetooth Dynamometers

Bluetooth equipped Dynamometers allow the operator to effortlessly connect to any iSO or Android smart phone/device giving the operator a wireless range of up to 320 ft or 100m. The app enables the operator to log data vs. time or manage events such as over or under load. More

Bluetooth Dynamometers offer wireless tension measurement capable of weighing and dynamic load monitoring in capacities from 1t to 500t. Less

Digital Crane scales

Digital Crane Scales

Dillon offers a variety of digital crane scales with capacities available up to 55,000 lbs, offering solutions for light to medium capacity requirements–as well as the for most demanding applications. More

Each of our crane scale products receives the best quality electronics, excellent build quality, and certified calibration and proof testing. Less

running line tensiometers

Running Line Tensiometers

Dillon offers two types of Running Line Tensiometers: allowing you to Monitor cable loads up to 80T (176,000 lb). They are available with both Wired as well as Wireless/ Bluetooth Display. More

The TIMH is built with dockside, marine, offshore, towage and salvage applications in mind. The CableSafe is the continued evolution of SP’s running line Tensiometers: its best use is fiber optic cable pulling using turret winches & during the installation of cell phone towers or similar delicate structures. Less

quick check tension meter

Dillon QuickCheck Clamp on Tension Meter with Onboard Display

Dillon offers the QuickCheck tension meter for use on cables with diameters of 3/16 – 1” Diameter, 0-10,000 lb Capacity. More

Lightweight and easy to handle while using on wires that are already under tension, this cable tension measurement device accurately measures tension in cable guardrails, tower and stack guy lines, or other guyed constructions. Less

tension compression loadcell

Wired and Wireless Bluetooth Tension and Compression Load Cells

Dillon is proud to represent Compression Load Cells Capacities up to 500T (1,100,000 lbs). Both Wired and Wireless Bluetooth Versions are available. More

Dillon added the StraightPoint wireless system to the already popular compression load cell line to introduce a cost-effective alternative to standard compression load cells. Less

Force Torque Measuring Software

Force and Torque Measuring Instrument Software

Dillon offers force and torque measurement software to support both Dillon (Data Force) and Straightpoint (SW-MWLC) instruments. More

When used with Dillon products Data Force software will record force data at a rate of up to 200Hz (200 times per second). SW-MWLC allows simultaneous, wireless communication between Straightpoint wireless load cells and a Windows PC. Less

clamp on line tensionmeter

COLT Bluetooth Clamp On Tension Meter

The StraightPoint COLT is a digital clamp on line tensionmeter, which operates using Bluetooth technology while transmitting data wirelessly to any smart device. More

For use with either the COLT Android or IOS app, the data logging feature allows the user to log in and upload information to the cloud directly from the smart device. For use on cables diameters of 3/16 – 1” Diameter, 0-11,000 lb Capacity. Less


Dillon Overload Protection Switches

Dillon Overload Protection Switches are used on overload and slack line applications for compression and tension. Capacities up to 20,000 lbs. More

The most reliable, economical way to control forces and prevent overloads, DynaSwitch® force control switches may be used in automation controls where they act as scales.

Designed for usage where it is not possible to mount a DynaSwitch®, the Cranegard® clamps on cables for wire rope hoist, elevator and crane overload prevention and slack line detection. Less

Dillon Mechanical Force Gauges

Force Measurement Devices:
Dillon Mechanical Force Gauges

Dillon Mechanical Force Gauges are used in rugged environments where accuracy is a critical factor. More

Whether employed as “stand alone” units or system components, these force gauges have long set the standard for durability and accuracy in force measurement.

Offered in Compression/Tension/ Push Pull /Low profile. Capacities up to 10,000 lb. Less

Mark10 material testing division

Dillon Material Testing Division Representing Mark-10

Dillon is proud to represent the Mark-10 Product Line with products covering all your needs in Tensile, Compression, Spring, Top Load, Cork Extraction, and Torque Measurement Testing. More

Whatever the industry, the force and torque measurement professionals at DQ Plus have an expert understanding of which Mark-10 Products best ensure quality test results. Less

StraightPoint Loadblock Plus

Loadblock Plus Compression Load Cell

The Loadblock plus is a low capacity, self-indicating compression load cell, used worldwide for a variety of testing and load monitoring applications. More

StraightPoint Loadblock Plus is offered in Capacities from 550 lb up to 11,000 lb. Less

Dillon service and calibration

Dillon Service / Calibration / Parts

Dillon's NIST Certified Force Measurement Equipment Calibration Service ensures your Dillon and other force measurement equipment is calibrated correctly.

The Dillon Family Commitment to Quality Products: It's our name

Each member of the Dillon family takes great pride in the longevity of our testing and force gauge products’ line and the history we have with all our customers. Whether it’s sales or service of any Dillon product, the Dillon name is synonymous with quality.

Being efficient is the key to success in any business; having the right tools ensures that whatever job you do, it is done correctly. The Dillon Family knows the Dillon product line like no one else and are standing by to answer any questions about the best tool for your particular application. Why guess when you can speak to the force testing and tension measurement device originators?

For the best advice on which Dillon precision measurement device is right for your application Contact Dillon/Quality Plus, Inc. today . We guarantee you’ll work directly with the Dillon Family team of force management experts.