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Dillon AP Crane Scale

The Dillon AP mechanical dynamometer is an excellent mechanical crane scale. Embraced by industries across the globe, the AP dynamometer crane scale has withstood the test of time as a versatile tension measuring instrument. The AP Mechanical is so long-lasting and high-quality that many of our customers have been using the same unit since the ‘70s or even earlier.


Mechanical or Digital

500 lb to 50,000 lb

Unit of Measure
lbf or kgf

Refer to spec sheet

Memory Storage

Data Export

Operating Range
-50º F to 140º F

Every 12 months

Proof Load


Capture Rate

±0.5% of instrument capacity

5″ and 10″ dial face

Suitable for continuous outdoor use

CE / ASME B30.26 (up to 20,000 lbs.)


Are Certificates of Calibration included?2024-03-21T23:47:04-05:00

Yes, traceable to NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology).

What is the accuracy?2024-03-21T23:47:31-05:00

0.5% full scale.

Are carrying cases Included?2024-03-21T23:47:58-05:00

5” Dial Size includes a rugged ABS Plastic Case.
10” Dial Size with capacities up to 20,000 lb (10,000 kg) do not come with a carrying case, however, a steel storage case is offered at an additional cost.
10” Dial Size with capacities of 30,000 lb & 50,000 lb include a wooden storage crate.

Can the AP crane scale be used for shock load testing (fall protection tests)?2024-03-21T23:48:22-05:00

No. We recommend the EDjunior or EDXtreme crane scales for shock load testing.

How often should the AP crane scale be calibrated?2024-03-21T23:48:44-05:00

We recommend calibration every 12 months.

Where do I send my AP crane scale for calibration?2024-03-21T23:49:09-05:00

Dillon/Quality Plus, Inc.
214 E. Kansas St.
Liberty, MO 64068

Do I need an RMA for sending the unit in for calibration or repair?2024-03-21T23:49:37-05:00

Yes, please go to https://dqplus.com/rma-form/ to complete and submit an RMA form.

What is the difference between the AP, EDjunior, and EDXtreme crane scales?2024-03-21T23:50:02-05:00

The AP is a simple mechanical crane scale with a dial face. The EDjunior is a basic digital crane scale. The EDXtreme is a digital crane scale with extra features such as data logging, custom units and optional remote viewing. There are some specification differences as well.

What is the warranty period?2024-03-21T23:50:29-05:00

On new units we offer a 24-month limited warranty on parts and workmanship. On repairs, our warranty is 30 days.

Can we use our own shackles on the AP crane scale?2024-03-21T23:50:58-05:00

It depends on the unit you have. Some units require certain shackles to guarantee accuracy. Send us some info and we’ll let you know what will work with your unit, or give us a call if you need an immediate answer.

What is the difference between a dynamometer and a crane scale?2024-03-21T23:51:26-05:00

A typical crane scale is designed to measure hanging loads. A dynamometer can measure tension vertically, horizontally or anywhere in between. Add a hook to a dynamometer and you have a crane scale with versatility.

Advantages of the Dillon AP Crane Scale

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