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EDXtreme Blue Dynamometer (Dillon Load Cell)

The EDXtreme Blue Dynamometer combines high accuracy with a rugged construction to ensure durability. Its highly refined design draws on the inherent strengths of premium grade materials to achieve a 5:1 minimum safety factor and an IP68 rating.

The EDX-Blue streamlines communication and exporting of data through the free Dillon EDX mobile application, compatible with Android and Apple devices. The user interface is intuitive, allowing for easy device pairing and operation without technical training. This allows for the live force to be read not only on the dynamometer display, but on a paired mobile device 400 feet away.

Data print formats can be configured both through softkeys on the unit, or easily on the paired mobile device. Export compatibility comes direct from the mobile device and supports both PDF and Excel formats.


Mechanical or Digital

2,500 lb to 25,000 lb

Unit of Measure
lbf, kgf & Newtons

Low/med/high (5000 resolutions)

Memory Storage
Up to 255 logs

Data Export
Bluetooth to Dillon EDX mobile app

Operating Range
-4° F to 158° F (-20° C to 70° C)
Wireless ranger 400 ft/120 m

Every 12 months

Proof Load

Seven display modes including live and peak

Capture Rate
10Hz, 100Hz and 1000 Hz

±0.1% of instrument capacity

Dot-graphic LCD display supports full text and 1” high digits

Suitable for continuous outdoor use



Are Certificates of Calibration included?2024-05-31T17:42:10-05:00

Yes, traceable to NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology).

What is the accuracy?2024-05-31T17:42:35-05:00

0.1% full scale

What is the warranty period?2024-05-31T17:42:59-05:00

On new units we offer a 24-month limited warranty on parts and workmanship. On repairs, our warranty is 30 days.

Do you offer a rental program?2024-06-19T14:29:43-05:00

Yes, we offer a rental program for Dillon dynamometers. Learn more here.

Can we use our own shackles on Dillon dynamometers?2024-05-31T17:43:47-05:00

It depends on the unit you have. Some units require certain shackles to guarantee accuracy. Send us some info and we’ll let you know what will work with your unit, or give us a call if you need an immediate answer.

Are carrying cases Included?2024-05-31T17:44:16-05:00

Yes, carrying cases are included

Can the EDxtreme Blue Dynamometer be used for shock load testing (fall protection tests)?2024-05-31T17:44:38-05:00


How often should the EDXtreme Blue Dynamometer be calibrated?2024-05-31T17:45:10-05:00

We recommend calibration every 12 months.

Where do I send my EDXtreme Blue Dynamometer for calibration?2024-05-31T17:45:40-05:00

Dillon/Quality Plus, Inc.
214 E. Kansas St.
Liberty, MO

Do I need an RMA for sending the unit in for calibration or repair?2024-05-31T17:46:27-05:00

Please go to https://dqplus.com/rma-form/ to complete and submit an RMA form.

What is the difference between a dynamometer and a crane scale?2024-05-31T17:47:54-05:00

A typical crane scale is designed to measure hanging loads. A dynamometer can measure tension vertically, horizontally or anywhere in between. Add a hook to a dynamometer and you have a crane scale with versatility.

Can I proof load my dynamometer?2024-05-31T17:48:21-05:00

Yes, please refer to the specification sheet of each model regarding safe proof load.

Instead of attaching two shackles to my dynamometer, can I attach a shackle and a hook?2024-05-31T17:48:44-05:00

Yes, on capacities up to 25,000 lb.

What’s the difference between a dynamometer and a load cell?2024-05-31T17:49:07-05:00

Dillon dynamometers are also sometimes called Dillon load cells.

Advantages of the Wireless EDXtreme Dynamometer

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You can rent an EDX-Blue on a monthly basis.

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