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Dillon U-Force Gauge (compression)

The Dillon U-Force Gauge is a highly accurate mechanical compression measurement instrument. It operates via a deflection beam machined from aircraft-quality, heat-treated steel. A precision dial indicator is mounted at the null point of this beam, and as a load is exerted, the beam moves downward to push against the indicator plunger.


Measurement mode

From 0-25 lb up to 5,000 lb ( 0-10 kg up to 500 kg

1% Full Scale

Maximum Load Indication


Analog or Digital


Are Certificates of Calibration included?2024-03-22T19:49:27-05:00

Yes, traceable to NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology).

What is the accuracy?2024-03-22T19:49:45-05:00

+/-1% of full range.

Can force gauges be used in shock load applications?2024-03-22T19:50:02-05:00

Force gauges are not recommended for use under shock load conditions.

Can force gauges display the maximum load applied?2024-03-22T19:50:24-05:00

Max Hand Indicators are available as an option on certain capacities.

Why would I purchase a Model U-Force Gauge over the Model “X” versions?2024-03-22T19:50:43-05:00

The Model U-Force Gauge is designed to fit in applications where there is a slim or narrow space to measure loads.

Do load fittings come with the U Force Gauge?2024-03-22T19:51:01-05:00

No, the fittings for the U-Force Gauges are sold separately.

Is a carrying case included?2024-03-22T19:51:24-05:00

Yes, a carrying case is included.

How often should the force gauge be calibrated?2024-03-22T19:51:44-05:00

We recommend calibration every 12 months.

Where do I send my force gauge for calibration?2024-03-22T19:52:12-05:00

Mail your device to:

Dillon/Quality Plus, Inc.
214 E. Kansas St.
Liberty, MO 64068

Do I need an RMA for sending the unit in for calibration or repair?2024-03-22T19:52:31-05:00

Yes, please go to https://dqplus.com/rma-form/ to complete and submit an RMA form.

Advantages of the Dillon U-Force Gauge

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