Crosby Straightpoint Bluelink Dynamometer2024-03-21T22:38:18-05:00

Crosby Straightpoint Bluelink Dynamometer (Crosby Straightpoint Load Cell)

The Crosby Straightpoint Bluelink dynamometer is available up to 13,000 lb capacity and is the latest Straightpoint product to feature their proprietary Bluetooth wireless technology. The Bluetooth Bluelink Dynamometer allows operators to connect any iOS or Android smartphone within a range of 328 feet of their dynamometer. Rigged with industry-standard shackles, the Bluelink (also called a Crosby Straightpoint load cell) is designed to minimize headroom and features a lightweight design that achieves a safety factor of over 500%.


Mechanical or Digital

0-14,300 lbs

Unit of Measure
lbs. ton, kg & kN

2 lbs

Memory Storage
Via HHP App

Data Export
Via HHP App

Operating Range
14F to 122 F (-10 C to + 50 C)

Every 12 months

Proof Load

Live & Peak modes with audiable alarm

Capture Rate
3 Hz

0.2% of instrument capacity

Via HPP App

Suitable for continuous outdoor use IP67.NEMA6

FCC, IC, Japan & Korea Certification


Are certificates of calibration included?2024-03-21T22:21:00-05:00

Yes, traceable to NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology).

What is the accuracy?2024-03-21T22:21:21-05:00

0.2% full scale.

Is the BlueLink Dynamometer offered in different capacities?2024-03-21T22:21:48-05:00

No. The BlueLink Dynamometer is only available in a 0-14,300 lb (6,500 kg) capacity. For other capacities we recommend the BlueTooth Load Link Plus Dynamometer.

Are carrying cases included?2024-03-21T22:22:08-05:00

Yes, carrying cases are included.

Can the BlueLink Dynamometer be used for shock load testing (fall protection tests)?2024-03-21T22:23:01-05:00

Yes, they can be used for shock load testing.

Does the BlueLink Dynamometer offer a remote display?2024-03-21T22:23:21-05:00

Yes, accessible via a free downloadable HHP app.

Does the BlueLink Dynamometer have a display on the unit?2024-03-21T22:23:52-05:00

No. Display is provided by using the free downloadable HHP app.

What’s the range you can monitor using the HHP app?2024-03-21T22:24:11-05:00

You can monitor up to 328 feet away.

Can data be exported with the BlueLink Dynamometer?2024-03-21T22:24:32-05:00

Yes, test reporting can be recorded and exported via the HHP app.

How often should the BlueLink Dynamometer be calibrated?2024-03-21T22:24:56-05:00

We recommend calibration every 12 months.

Where do I send my BlueLink Dynamometer for calibration?2024-03-21T22:25:36-05:00

Mail your device to:
Dillon/Quality Plus, Inc.
214 E. Kansas St.
Liberty, MO 64068

Do I need an RMA for sending the unit in for calibration or repair?2024-03-21T22:25:58-05:00

Yes. Please go to to complete and submit an RMA form.

What’s the difference between a dynamometer and a load cell?2024-03-21T22:26:18-05:00

Crosby Straightpoint dynamometers are sometimes called Crosby Straightpoint load cells.

Advantages of the Bluetooth Bluelink dynamometer

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