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Crosby Straightpoint Colt Clamp On Tension Meter

The Crosby Straightpoint Colt Clamp On Tension Meter is a lightweight tension meter designed for fast and accurate tension measurement in capacities of up to 11,000lbs. Commonly used in applications like guy wire maintenance, elevator car weighing, wire rope installations, utility cable overhead line monitoring, and more, the Crosby Straightpoint Colt is built with aerospace-grade aluminum and will add value to your worksite for years to come.

To learn more, read our Crosby Straightpoint COLT Buyer’s Guide for FAQs, common applications, and other information you may want to know before purchasing.


11000 lb / 5000 kg


Report Generation
Utilize Bluetooth App for general purpose and to generate custom cell tower site report

Quick-Check Pre-Calibrated to most popular Cell Tower Guy Wires

Rope Calibrations
Comes pre-calibrated to most popular cell tower guy wires and access to a library of additional pre-calibrated cables

Cable Diameter Range
3/16″ to 1″ / 5mm to 25mm

Bluetooth App using iOS or Android device

Carry Case
Rugged purpose made case

IP67 NEMA 6 suitable for continuous outdoor use

Units of Measure
Lbf, kgf tonne & kN

Temperature Range
-13° F to 158° F / -25° C to 70° C

Two C batteries

Battery Life
2400 hours Bluetooth tranmission time

3% full scale if wire rope & construction known

Pass/Fail Tensioning Mode

7.7 lb


Are Certificates of Calibration included?2024-03-21T23:04:10-05:00

Yes, traceable to NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology).

What is the largest diameter cable it can be used on?2024-03-21T23:04:32-05:00

The Colt accepts cable diameters of 3/16” – 1” (25.4mm).

Does the Colt have to be calibrated for each diameter and construction of cable it’s used on?2024-03-21T23:04:52-05:00

The Colt has an extensive library of cables it is already calibrated to. If your specific cable is not listed, send in a 15’ sample with specifications. Once calibrated, the new cable will appear in the master list.

Do you have to change out the sheaves?2024-03-21T23:05:17-05:00

No, select the position of the sheaves based on the cable diameter.

Can you export data?2024-03-21T23:05:38-05:00

Yes, data export is available via the free downloadable bluetooth app.

What is the accuracy?2024-03-21T23:05:59-05:00

3% full scale.

Is a carrying case included?2024-03-21T23:06:20-05:00

Yes, a carrying case is included in your purchase.

How often should the Colt be calibrated?2024-03-21T23:06:41-05:00

We recommend calibration every 12 months.

Where do I send my Colt for calibration?2024-03-21T23:07:09-05:00

Mail your device to:
Dillon/Quality Plus, Inc.
214 E. Kansas St.
Liberty, MO 64068

Do I need an RMA for sending the unit in for calibration or repair?2024-03-21T23:07:36-05:00

Yes, please go to to complete and submit an RMA form.

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