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MSI Clamp-On Load Cell

The MSI Clamp-On Load Cell is a durable solution for measuring wire rope tension and preventing crane and hoist overload. Operators can set specific weights at which the cell will trigger alerts of system shutdowns when encountering unsafe load conditions.


Available Capacities
Not applicable based on cable diameter

Method of installation

Safety Factor
4340 Steel, Zinc Plated

Cable diameters
Up to 3/4″

Multiple Load Limit functions when paired with Transmitter and Digital Indicator
Can trigger anything from a warning alarm to complete system shutdown
No minimum setpoint
Setpoints can be adjusted in the field


What is the function of a clamp-on load cell?2024-03-22T20:04:40-05:00

The MSI Clamp-On Load Cell is a durable solution for measuring wire rope tension, as well as providing dependable overload detection and prevention for overhead cranes and hoists.

What wire rope diameters does the Clamp-On Load Cell accommodate?2024-03-22T20:05:10-05:00

The Clamp-On Load Cell accommodates the following diameters:

  • 3/8-1/2 inch
  • 9/16-3/4 inch
  • 3/4-1 inch
Can the settings be changed in the field?2024-03-22T20:05:29-05:00

Yes. In order to provide proper accuracy it is designed to be calibrated in the field.

Where on the reeving is the Clamp-On Load Cell installed?2024-03-22T20:05:47-05:00

The Clamp-on Load Cell is designed to be installed at the dead-end of the line.

How often should I get my Clamp-On Load Cell Calibrated?2024-03-22T20:06:10-05:00

We recommend calibration every twelve months.

Where can I send my Clamp-On Load Cell for service or calibration?2024-03-22T20:06:50-05:00

You can send the device to the following address:

Dillon/Quality Plus, Inc.
214 E. Kansas St. Ste 101
Liberty, MO 64068

We ask that you complete and include the RMA Form located under the “Calibration and Repair” portion of our website with the shipment.

Advantages of the MSI Clamp-On Load Cell

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