Dillon DynaSwitch Load Limit Switches

The Dillon DynaSwitch is a reliable, cost-effective way to control force and prevent overloads. It can be used on cranes, hoists, and elevators to shut off power when an overload condition exists, or warn workers of an impending overload. The DynaSwitch system is built with a force beam that operates in either tension or compression, and can accommodate up to four switches which can be set to trigger under a variety of conditions.


Available Capacities
DSW-1: 100 lb | 50 kg
DSW-2: 1,000 lb | 500 kg
DSW-3: 2,000 lb | 1,000 kg
DSW-4: 5,000 lb | 2,500 kg
DSW-5: 10,000 lb | 5,000 kg
DSW-6: 25,000 lb | 12,500 kg
DSW-7: 50,000 lb | 25,000 kg

Method of installation

Safety Factor
5:1 Ultimate Safety Factor
(Metric capacities 4.5:1)

Cable diameters
Not Applicable

Up to 4 switches for slack and overload
Switches can be wired to trigger anything from a warning alarm to complete system shutdown
Slack setpoint as low as 15 lb (7.5 kg) dependent on capacity
Setpoints can be adjusted in the field

Advantages of Dillon DynaSwitch Load Limit Switches

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