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Dillon QuickCheck 10,000 lb Cable Tension Meter

The Dillon Quick-Check tension meter is an industry-leading cable tension measuring device, featuring a simple design and unparalleled accuracy. Commonly used in applications like cell towers, bridges, elevators, fall arrest systems, utilities, and more, the Dillon Quick-Check is a proven tool to protect both your equipment and your personnel.


10,000 lb / 4500 kg


Report Generation
Excel via RS232

Quick-Check Pre-Calibrated to most popular Cell Tower Guy Wires
No (but can be custom calibrated)

Rope Calibrations
Up to 20 (must be specified at time of order)

Cable Diameter Range
3/16” to 1” / 4.75 mm to 25.4 mm

Informative Display:
Shows: Unit, Wire Type, Sheave & Battery

Carry Case
IP68 rugged carry case

Suitable for continuous outdoor use

Units of Measure
Lbf, kgf and Newtons

Temperature Range
-4° F to 158° F / -20° C to 70° C

Two AA batteries

Battery Life
10Hz = over 250 hrs continuous 100Hz = over 100 hrs continuous

3% full scale

Pass/Fail Tensioning Mode

11 lb


How do you export data from this QuickCheck?2023-06-16T11:23:00-05:00

Data from the QuickCheck 10,000 lb can be exported via RS232.

How many sheaves come with this QuickCheck?2023-06-16T11:23:27-05:00

The QuickCheck 10,000 lb comes with 1 set of sheaves, If additional sheave sizes are required to accommodate your cable sizes. you can purchase additional sets.

Is this an analog or digital QuickCheck?2023-06-16T11:24:00-05:00

All versions of the Dillon QuickChecks are digital.

How often do I need to calibrate this QuickCheck?2023-06-16T11:24:26-05:00

It is recommended that the QuickCheck be calibrated every 12 months.

Does this QuickCheck come in a case?2023-06-16T11:25:10-05:00

All QuickChecks include a durable IP67 waterproof case

My QuickCheck needs a repair. What do I do?2023-06-16T11:25:42-05:00

Visit the calibration and repair page of our website to submit an RMA form or our contact us through the contact form on the website.

What is the warranty for this QuickCheck?2023-06-16T11:26:13-05:00

All QuickChecks come with a 2 year parts & labor warranty.

Advantages of the Dillon Quick-Check Clamp On Tension Meter

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