Tension meters are crucial devices for measuring the tension of a wire rope or cable, and can help prevent costly equipment damage or personnel injury. The Crosby Straightpoint COLT tension meter is an industry-leading device designed for fast and accurate tension measurement. In this buyer’s guide, our tension meter experts have assembled key information about the COLT to know before purchasing.

What is a clamp-on tension meter?

Traditional inline tension meters require cutting into the cable to install the sensor mechanism. Clamp-on tension meters like the COLT are convenient because they preserve the integrity of the material and don’t require cutting into the cable. This makes clamp-on tension meters ideal for load-testing operations for elevators and suspension bridges, and for any non-invasive testing of pre-strung cables.

How is the COLT different from other clamp-on tension meters?

Unlike other tension meters, the COLT gives users instant access to an extensive library of cable diameters the unit is already calibrated to. Instead of sending the unit to the factory with a list of every cable you need to calibrate for, the COLT stores calibration information in the cloud, making it easy for operators to switch cable sizes in the field.

It is recommended that your COLT tension meter still be sent to the factory annually for recalibration.

What is the capacity and accuracy of the COLT?

The COLT is designed for fast and reliable tension measurement in capacities of up to 11,000 pounds. It’s also highly precise, boasting 3% full scale accuracy.

The COLT accepts cable diameters between 3/16”-1”.

Is it easy to change wire rope sizes?

Yes–in addition to the cloud-based configuration library, the COLT features an adjustable center sheave that makes it much less cumbersome to switch between different cable sizes.

What is the COLT made of?

The COLT is built with aerospace-grade aluminum, combining robust and rugged durability with light weight. This makes the COLT a popular choice for tension meter operators, who have to haul the device up and down towers during the measurement process.

What are common applications of the COLT?

The COLT is a popular tension meter choice for guy wire maintenance, elevator car weighing, wire rope installations, and utility cable overhead line monitoring. In the cell tower industry, clamp-on tension meters like the COLT can be used to verify and adjust tension in supporting cables of towers. In construction, clamp-on tension meters can ensure structural safety and stability. In maritime and aviation, tension meters are used as inspection tools for crafts.

The COLT is also ideal for elevator car weight and balancing. Elevators run on pulley systems, and it’s important that all four corners are uniform in weight. The COLT can be used to measure the tension of each corner and ensure consistency and stability.

What are the display options for the COLT?

The COLT has no in-unit display; however, it is Bluetooth enabled, meaning operators can easily monitor measurements from a distance via their iOS or Android mobile app. 

What kind of data can the COLT capture?

The COLT tracks GPS coordinates, local temperature and windspeed (both of which can affect the accuracy of the read, as cables have more play in heat and become more taut with cold weather).

No more writing data on whiteboards and taking a photo of the board next to the tower–all data collection and reporting is streamlined through the Bluetooth-enabled mobile app, making it easy and automated for operators to track measurement information.

Want to learn more?

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