W. C. Dillon & Company, Inc., Van Nuys, California was founded by W. C. Dillon, Sr. at Chicago, Illinois in the year 1937. 'Willie" Dillon, as he is affectionately known by his Sons (who assist him in running the business) and friends, is the holder of numerous patents. The best known among these is the Dillon Dynamometer, an instrument used to measure tension and weight. As a young man supervising the installation of telephone lines across the Cherokee Strip, Bill Dillon early realized the need for an instrument which would indicate the amount of ten-sion being placed in wires so that they would be neither over-stressed nor too loose. This led him to the development of the Dynamometer. Intervening years have seen its sale to thousands of telephone and power companies the world over.

Prior to the Dillon Dynamometer, much time was devoted to development of the Dillon Temperometer abimetal thermometer used to check temperature of molten solders and cable-damming waxes in telephone cable installation. This product, too, found its way into the tool kits of power and telephone companies, where it is widely used today.

Bill Dillon, an 88 year old master of invention, continues to amaze his associates and friends with the fertility of his mind. The Dillon Company looks ahead to the future with at least 10 new items in the electronics field, and 3 new mechanical developments which the senior Dillon is masterminding personally.

Some of the most important products in the current Dillon line are electronic load cells and readout instruments. This has been a natural off shoot of the Dillon Dynamometer, where force measuring applications call for remote indication. Some 36 different capacities are offered, plus large diameter servo readouts, limit controls, printers, etc.

Other departments at the Dillon Company turn out a steady stream of mechanical force measuring gauges for checking tension, compression and torque, crane suspension scales for weighing heavy and bulky loads on the move, overload prevention devices for hoists and cranes, universal testing machines for pulling objects to destruction or for proof testing, etc.

Key officers of W. C. Dillon & Company. Inc. are W. C. DILLON. Sr., RALPH R. DILLON. ROBERT E. DILLON and GEORGE P. DILLON all officiating in every phase of the business, including engineering, sales and product development. A closely held corporation, the firm's stock is not offered on the open market. "Willie" Dillon will still be producing marketable ideas at the age of 110!

As it appeared in Measurements & Data Magazine September-October 1967 Edition


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