Dillon Overload Protection Switches

Designed by the Dillon family–pioneers in force measurement devices– Dillon Overload Protection Switches are used on overload and slack line applications for compression and tension. With Capacities up to 20,000 lbs, Dillon/Quality Plus Inc. has two types of overload protection devices.

DynaSwitch®In-line Limit Switches

With a durable construction that allows it to operate in even the most extreme environments, DynaSwitch® overload protection devices are recognized as the best in-line limit switches. A reliable, economical way to control forces and prevent overloads, DynaSwitch® force control switches may be used in automation controls where they act as scales.

In addition to shutting off power, DynaSwitch® in-line limit switches are used on cranes, hoists, and elevators where they signal lights, buzzers or klaxons to warn of impending overload conditions.

load limit switches
overload protection devices

Cranegard® Clamp On Limit Switches

In those situations where mounting a DynaSwitch® is impossible, the Cranegard® clamps on cables, enabling wire rope hoist, elevator and crane overload prevention and slack line detection.

Dillon's Cranegard® load limit switch provides users with the ultimate clamp-on cable overload protection. Easy to install–just minutes with a screwdriver and Allen wrench–the Cranegard® mechanically actuated force control and overload protection switch is an affordable, effective warning system.

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