EDXtreme Dynamometer AWT05-506310

EDXtreme Dynamometer AWT05-506310

Product Name EDXtreme Dynamometer
Part # AWT05-506310
Model # EDX-150T
Mechanical or Digital Digital
Unit of Measure lbf, kgf & Newtons
Capacity – lbf 330,000 lbs
Capacity – kgf 150,000
Capacity – Newtons 1,500,000
Wireless remote display capability Y
Display 128 x 64 dot-graphic LCD 1″
Accuracy +/- 0.3% of instrument capacity
Shackles Included Y
Resolution Enhanced Mode 1/5000
Data Export RS232
Memory Up to 255 logs
Modes Seven display modes including live & peak
Capture Rate 10Hz, 100Hz & 1000Hz
Proof Load 110% of capacity
Safe Overload 200% of capacity
Operating Temperature -4° F to 158° F (-20° C to 70° C)
Environmental Suitable for continuous outdoor use
Battery 2 x C batteries with 400+ hours life (backlight off)
Suggested Recalibration Every 12 months
Approvals CE
Protection Hard polymer storage case included along with calibration certificate


How do you export data from this QuickCheck?2023-06-16T11:30:20-05:00

Data from the QuickCheck-T Bluetooth version can be exported via RS232 or can be stored in the Bluetooth app and emailed directly from the app.

How many sheaves come with this QuickCheck?2023-06-16T11:30:51-05:00

The QuickCheck-T comes with one set of sheaves that will accommodate cable sizes from 3/16” – 1” diameter.

Is this an analog or digital QuickCheck?2023-06-16T11:31:22-05:00

All versions of the Dillon QuickChecks are digital.

How often do I need to calibrate this QuickCheck?2023-06-16T11:31:49-05:00

It is recommended that the QuickCheck be calibrated every 12 months.

Does this QuickCheck come in a case?2023-06-16T11:32:21-05:00

All QuickChecks include a durable IP67 waterproof case

My QuickCheck needs a repair. What do I do?2023-06-16T11:32:52-05:00

Visit the calibration and repair page of our website to submit an RMA form or our contact us through the contact form on the website.

What is the warranty for this QuickCheck?2023-06-16T11:33:22-05:00

All QuickChecks come with a 2 year parts & labor warranty


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